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A Friend in Deed Inc. Corporate Pick Me Up Program

Employer advantages

No Cost to the employer for transportation

Increased pool of qualified applicants for employment

Maintain or increase production and improve bottom line

Greatly reduce attrition due to transportation problems

Eliminate or reduce on boarding and hiring cost for new hires

Improved employee morale equals less time off work

Eliminate or reduce production delays due to employee tardiness or absenteeism 

Employee advantages

Greater access to jobs traditionally unavailable due to lack of transportation and location

Improved quality of life and emotional wellbeing

Financial stability and self sufficiency

No car payments, gas, insurance, or repair costs

Stress free relax-we do all the driving

Community advantages

Increase tax revenue from newly employed tax paying citizens

Reduce pollution and other toxins through corporate ride share

Foster healthy and self-sufficient families with greater access to resources through employment

About Corporate Pick Me Up Program: Welcome
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